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How To Get Ready For Winter 2021 In South Florida


While Florida is not known for its freezing winters, cold fronts can go as low as 40 degrees.
Most air conditioning units have heating built in for convenience, but with scarce usability of
this mode comes potentially dangerous issues if not maintained properly.

Since A/C units are used predominantly for cooling, the heating mode shifts the flow of fluid,

so the coils become the opposite temperature.

Normally A/C units chill the room by removing the hot air,

but when heating mode is set, the unit expels cool air instead.

As a result of the temperature reversal,
A/C units unfortunately run into a series of issues such as overheating, clogged filters, leaks,
and other malfunctions that can be detrimental to your household’s safety-causing smells, dust
collection and even fire hazards.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to get your air conditioning system checked.
and serviced by professionals to avoid these problems during peak sweater weather
temperature in December, January, and February.

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during any of the fall months for preventative checkups and maintenance on your A/C.

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